Group sheet Ilangi

                            Protect the Tropheus             

                                 Tropheus Ilangi


This sheet is used to describe a group of Tropheus with the same characteristics; if you want to describe several different groups, use several sheets

Fill out this form is quick and easy: complete the different headings by consulting the help marked "?";all fields with * are mandatory, others are optional;some sections are made to describe the story of a group; it is very useful to facilitate exchanges and crossings. You can fill them if you remember ...

At the end :

- use anti spam : click on the drawing that does not conform to the others

-do not forget to record when you're done: clic on "envoyer".  The sending of the form is automatic

The elements in your sheet will be included on a summary table that can be consulted the next day on the group.
When you want, you can redo a file to update it or create another one for a new group

Contact me (Gerard) if you have a difficulty or if you want clarification.

Thank you